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External Storage Options

Medium Advantages Disadvantages
  • Floppy drives are inexpensive.
  • 3.5" floppy drives are easy to use.
  • With Windows Explorer files and folders can be copied and pasted to the floppy.
  • Floppy drives have limited storage--only 1.44MB.
  • Newer computers don't come with floppy disk drives.
  • Floppy disks are sensitive to stray magnetism. (magnetized paper clips)
  • Memory keys are easy to use.
  • 512MB memory keys cost about $30.
  • Memory keys easily fit in a safe deposit box.
  • They are small and thus can get lost.
  • Windows 98/ME computers require a memory key driver that can be downloaded from the company website.
  • Regular-sized CD-R's hold about 650MB of data.
  • The cost for CD-R's is very low.
  • CD-R's will play in most CD-ROM players.
  • Pocket CD-R's hold about 210MB of data.
  • CD-R's are light-sensitive.
  • Creating a CD-R requires a CD player that can "burn" CD-R's.
  • "Burning" a CD-R is sometimes hard for abeginner.
  • External Hard Disk Drives (Ext. HDD) can have massive capacity in the 200GB range.
  • Ext. HDD's connect via USB for inexpensive models and can be considered as portable.
  • 2.5" Ext. HDD's usually don't need a power cable.
  • Setting up the drive usually requires formatting the new hard drive in its container.
  • Ext. HDD's that connect via Ethernet are network drives that can be expensive and annoying to set up at first.
  • The 3.5" Ext. HDD's usually have a power cable to plug in.

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