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Phone/Ans. M.:  (203) 748-2960, Cell: (203) 417-0005 (10am - 4pm)
No text messages please. Closed Thursday & Friday afternoons.

E-mail:   (usual response: 1/2 day)
Principal region served:  Western Connecticut

Certifications:  A+,  Network+,  Security+


    ~ low-cost, hardware/software services at your location & within your schedule ~

        Microsoft Windows
            Anti-Virus and Firewall Configurations
            Backup of Important Files Locally (non-cloud)
            Broadband - DSL & Cable Connectivity
            Malware & Virus Removal
            Optimization of your Environment
            Software Installation & Upgrades
            Specialized Environment Configurations (e.g. Skype)
            Troubleshooting & Repairs
            Loaner Computer (short-term): Windows 7 Netbook or Ubuntu Laptop

        Router & LAN Issues
            Mixed Computer Sharing in a LAN (Microsoft, Linux, Apple)
            Network Printer/Copier Installation and Configuration
            Router Configuration
            Security of the LAN
            Wireless Connectivity

        Ubuntu (Desktop Linux Free Software!   See my Ubuntu Diary for information.)
            Backup Important Files Locally (non-cloud)
            Broadband Issues - DSL & Cable ISP's
            Connecting Printers and Other Equipment
            Connecting to the Internet & E-Mail
            Operating System Installation, Updates & Upgrades
            Instruction for Beginners  (See the Ubuntu User Notes Directory)
                  File Management and Backups
                  Setting Preferences and Obtaining Updates
                  Using the Software Suites
            Instruction for Intermediate Users
                  Accessing Windows and Apple Files
                  Specialized Environment Configurations (e.g. Skype)
                  Using the Command Line Interface
            Loaner Computer (short-term): Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop LTS Starter Netbook
            Loaner Computer (short-term): Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop LTS Laptop

        Estimates for Individuals and Small Businesses Free
        Labor on Hardware / Software -- Repairs / Upgrades * $65/hr.
        Customized Windows 7 Command-line Backup Script * $30
        Customized Ubuntu Command-line Backup Script * $30
        One-on-One Instruction at Your Computer $65/hr.
        New Computer Install With Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Negotiable
        Travel to Your Site (20 - 40 mi. from Danbury) * $25
        Travel and Tolls to Your Site (41 - 80 mi. from Danbury) * $65 + Tolls
        Special Pick-Up & Delivery Charge for Parts * $15
        Available MadMod Computing Newsletters on a CD-ROM * $10
        * 6.35% CT Sales Tax on These Items 6.35%

We take our customer's privacy and security very seriously as we do our own.  We keep up with this on-going, ever-changing issue on a daily basis as best we can.

When working at a customer's site, privacy and security are front and center along with the other many hardware/software issues found.  Our customer's computer, server, website or data is guarded much like our own.  We trust our customers and in return they trust us...which should be the default for all businesses and customers.  For us it's the obvous way to do business.

MadMod Computing never uses cookies, retains, disseminates nor sells information such as: customer names, address, phones numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.  (E-mail to MadMod Computing does include your e-mail address via e-mail or "Note to Dave" so that we can identify you.)

We do not allow linked advertising for any non-MadMod, for-profit businesses of any form on our website.  Our own link to "Dave's Favorite Places" has links to many business websites, but those are never actively allowed to advertise on any of our webpages.  You don't need "AdBlock" to visit madmod.com so our entire website should always load quickly and safely in your browser.

Activating a link our website links with a mouse click is at the user's descretion with the user accepting the risks that may be present from any active scripts that may be at those non-MadMod sites. Even a respected company may unknowingly, temporarily have malicious scripts in their advertising scripts, videos or links because the extensive vetting process with many advertisers changing their multiple listings frequently makes checking at best a partial verification for even a large company with hundreds of links to advertisers--the best that they can do.)

All our revenues are derived solely from customer purchases of software, instruction, training and related hardware products.  New customers either discover us through business cards, by visiting our website, or from recommendations/referrals by our many existing customers...which is all we ever need.


The A+, Network+ and Security+ certified professional logos are registered trademarks of CompTIA (the Computing Technology Industry Association).   All rights reserved.   The A+, Network+ and Security+ Certifications are industry-wide, vendor-neutral programs developed and sponsored by CompTIA.

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Phone/Answering Machine: (203) 748-2960, Cell: (203) 417-0005 (9am - 5pm)
Best time to phone:  by 9:30am
Usual service call hours:  10am - 4pm, Monday - Friday
See E-mail response time:  usually within 1/2 day
See Appointments & Customer Issues Updates for open dates and times.


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