Mouse Safety Lessons With Webpages and Popups

The following practice exercises show the risks of using the computer mouse to click or simply move over a link or button on an unsafe webpage.  Unintended events can occur from buttons and links.  To safely close a page or popup always close the page with the X in the upper right corner of the page.  Never use a link inside a page to close or exit from the page.

See if you can do lessons 1, 2, and 3 again--CORRECTLY.  Then do lesson 4.  (Use the upper-right X to close each page.)

Lesson 4 is about unsafe webpages containing web bugs--embedded invisible 1x1-pixel images containing mouseover links or other executable code that may engage malicious behaviors as the page opens.  I always move my computer mouse outside and around the page to the upper-right X carefully avoiding crossing over the page with the mouse to avoid possible web bugs.  This is especially important with pages that pop up unexpectedly.  There's no telling what their real intent is.  Consequently I consider all popups with suspicion.  (They're not there to give you something for nothing.)  Links and buttons inside e-mail and instant messages can have these problems--in addition to the many problems posed by malicious e-mail attachments.
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