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New Computer Install Checklist

Category Further Detail
Hardware Install Power OFF Check all cables--particularly, video, keyboard, mouse, phone/Ethernet, power. (Secondary issues: TV remote, VCR, DVD-R, Media cabling, external HDD.)
Configure MadMod Dial-up Activate Windows via MadMod Dial-up. Check to see if SP2 has active Windows & Windows firewall. (MadMod,, 448-8000)
Configure broadband ISP/Router, studying wireless issues. Verify Internet connectivity. Obtain critical Windows updates. (Wireless encryption) (DSL filters/fire alarm issues)
Install and activate Internet security Activate security suite; get updates. Otherwise install AVG, get updates, register. (Save screenname, password configurations)
Install word processing / spreadsheet suite and printers. Install or activate/register. Then obtain updates.
Configure e-mail Side issues--current mail and address book from older computer.
Install and activate new software Import files from the older computer that apply to this software.
Install specialized software and related imported files. Pay attention to registration/license, special updates, subscriptions--carry overs from the old computer.
Move remaining orphan files. Discuss uninstalled but related software issues. (PDA's, Cameras, etc.)
Backups, security and updates. Discuss/Implement strategies for backups, security and updates.
Configuration Diagram for Customer Diagram units, cabling, related important info. (Discuss unresolved issues.)
Old computer issues Drive wiping, drive removal, equipment recycling.

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