The Linux SIG Calendar of DACS for 2015
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced -- Hardware & Software

7:30 pm on usually the 3rd Wednesday of the month. (sometimes on the 4th Wednesday)
  • Jan 21
    Using the Bash command: pktstat ~~Dave Mawdsley
    Report on the January Meeting ~~Dave Mawdsley

  • Feb 18

  • Mar 18

  • Apr 15

  • May 20

  • Jun 17

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  • Dec 16

Some past Linux SIG ODP presentations are available online at the 3rd section of the Freebies page.
At Our Meetings in 2014:
Using MuseScore for Sheet Music Engraving & Midi Playback
Discussion About the March Session: Windows XP to Ubuntu Upgrade
Discussion About the openSSL Vulnerability
Discussion About Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Discussion About Router Firmware Updates
Continuation of the June 14th "Windows XP to Ubuntu Workshop"
Controlling a Garage Door Remotely with a Raspberry Pi
Continuation of Ubuntu 14.04 Installs or Upgrades
Getting SSH to Work Between Computers
Report on the FOSSCON Conference in Philadelphia in August
Discussion about 'shellshock' fixes--Ubuntu and OS X 10.9.5
A Look at the Bash Utility 'Menu'
Multiple Passwords With A Script
At Our Meetings in 2013:
Using the DFRduino Microcontroller with the DFRobot Mobile Platform
Beginner's Guide to 'at'; Demonstration of Options in 'CrashPlan'
A First Look at Levels in GIMP; Backup and Restore Drives and Partitions with G4L
Meet the Raspberry Pi; Introducing 'htop'; Vulnerability Scanning with 'lynis'
'camE,' a Web Camera Time Lapse Program; Infrared Communication with the Arduino Uno
Sticky Scheduling with Crontab; Make the Raspberry Pi use GPIO; "Hand of Thief" Banking Trojan
Using Scientific Formulas Inside a LibreOffice Writer Document; Installing nVidia Support
Oregon Scientific Weather Station Data Collecting Using a Raspberry Pi
A Visit to the Berkeley LUG on October 27th; Using the GIMP Cloning Tool with Photos
Using LilyPond and Frescobaldi for Sheet Music Engraving
At Our Meetings in 2012:
A First Look at Layers in GIMP; The Use & Abuse of Bash History;
Demonstration of GNOME Shell in Ubuntu 11.10; A Simple SED Lesson;
Arduino project: Temperature Sensor using an LCD; Futzing with fstab;
Using PHP and HTML to manage a simple mySQL database; Stop Using ./ as in ./scriptname;
Using APTonCD; Rosetta Stone For Unix, FreeNX, a Remote Desktop Tool;
Recording Live Audio from the Internet Using Audacity;
Report on the happenings at SouthEast LinuxFest in Charlotte, NC;
Linux Logging Options; Making Use of linkchecker;
Blocking the Wirenet Trojan; Displaying Arduino Projects with Fritzing;
A Look at the ZaTab from ZaReason Inc.; and Using Tweak to Study Ccrypt

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