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Frequently-Asked Questions

Can you work at my address? Yes.  If at all possible all repairs/upgrades/instruction can be done at your home or place of business.
Can you work during the hours of my choice? Yes.  You're in charge of when you'd like me to arrive, take a break or leave--day or night hours!  (I prefer to not work on weekends.)
May I pay the bill later? Yes.  I'll leave a return envelope with the invoice expecting payment within 30 days.
If my computer needs parts, can you pick them up for me? Yes.  However, I do have a $15. pick-up/delivery charge to cover this.  My hourly rate is suspended while I travel for parts.
Is phone support free? Yes!  However, if I haven't had you as a customer before, I may limit my time and what I'm prepared to help you with--not having seen your system.  (Even doctors like to examine the patient first.)  Obviously, I'd prefer that you're a regular customer.
Will you advise me of telephone/electrical or cable problems? Yes.  I'm always on the look out for potential or actual problems with telephone, electric or cable lines as they apply to computer-related equipment.
How can I tell if my anti-virus software is up-to-date? Double-click the anti-virus icon in the tray next to the current time.  You should be able to select a status screen which will give the needed information.  Your anti-virus definitions should not be more than a week out of date.
Do I need a firewall program? Yes, particularly if you're using DSL or Cable for your connection to the Internet.  The free version of ZoneAlarm will do just fine.

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E-mail: David Mawdsley

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