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Exams Passed 12/04/00  

A+ Core Service Technician Exam Typical topics in this exam: recognize basic DC electrical knowledge and safety principles as they relate to the handling of computer and computer-related components; identify available IRQ's, DMA's and I/O addresses and procedures for configuring them for device installation; distinguish between the popular CPU chips in terms of their basic characteristics; and identify procedures for swapping and configuring network interface cards.

A+ DOS/Microsoft® Windows® Service Technician Exam

Typical topics in this exam: identify basic concepts and procedures for creating, viewing and managing files and directories, including procedures for changing file attributes and the ramifications of those changes (for example, security issues); identify the procedures for basic disk management; identify procedures for loading/adding device drivers and the necessary software for certain devices; identify the procedures for installing and launching typical Windows and non-Windows applications; recognize and interpret the meaning of common error codes and startup messages from the boot sequence, and identify steps to correct the problems; and identify the networking capabilities of DOS and Windows including procedures for connecting to the network.

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