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How did MadMod Computing come about? In June, 2000 I retired after 37 years of teaching high school level mathematics and computer subjects.  While teaching I had many opportunities to help keep our computer labs running. Chasing down hardware and software problems gave me experience in the computer environment we used.

Upon retirement I embarked on a program of study to qualify for my A+ Certification with PC's. In December, 2000 my certification was granted.  I became Network+ Certified in September, 2003.   MadMod Computing began as a sole proprietorship in January, 2001 and it continues as a wonderful experience after my public school teaching.  Each day I learn new things in this changing field.

Why "MadMod"? My students, not being able to pronounce or spell "Mawdsley", called me "Mod" or "Mods". I'm not sure how the "Mad" part of the name came about, but I did have a teaching colleague who though I was crazy to start a business after retiring from teaching.
Why did I start this business and how do I best serve my customers? 1. A computer's environment should function normally for all who are authorized to use it. -- Keep it fixed!
2. Every computer user should feel comfortable with the applications on their computer and the computer's performance. -- Provide instruction!
3. A computer system should be able to adjust to reflect the changing needs of the user. -- Help with the customer's files and equipment!
4. The operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux) should not get in the way of the user who wants to use it. -- Optimize the environment!

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