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Customer Policies

1 The customer will be treated promptly, fairly, and with courtesy at all times.
2 Appointments will be made strictly at the customer's convenience.  (Check the MadMod appointment calendar for available openings.)
3 Work will begin at the appointed time and with the proper tools to do the job.
4 All attempts will be made to do the work correctly the first time.  A return visit to make right something that wasn't will be a free service call.
5 The customer will be kept informed about any delays and waiting-for-parts orders.  (Check below the MadMod appointment calendar for details about parts orders.)
6 Estimates, invoices and record keeping will be accurate and up-to-date.
7 All customer data will be considered strictly private and only available to MadMod Computing.  No private customer data will appear on any webpage on this site.
8 The customer will be informed of any safety issues involving their computer system and the use of electricity.
9 The customer, if running a business, will be informed of additional computer/website backup and security measures that may need to be taken to help prevent data loss.
10 While a follow-up contact may be made following a service visit, the customer will not be "marketed" on unrelated issues or products via phone or e-mail.

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