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Vol. 2006c

Welcome to this edition of The MadMod Computing Newsletter.   We hope that you enjoy the features of each issue and learn some computing skills along the way.

First, a reminder to make backups of your important files, and to keep your anti-virus software up-to-date.   Second use a software firewall and/or a router if using broadband.   Last, obtain all the critical Windows updates.

Featured in This Issue
1.     McAfee SiteAdvisorTM
2.     I.C.E. for your Cell Phone
3.     gethumanTM database (website)

1.    McAfee SiteAdvisorTM
McAfee SiteAdvisor is available via a link for download at which is McAfee's homepage.  SiteAdvisor is free extension which works with the Firefox browser.  Downloading and installing is a snap.

What it does is to appear at the bottom right as you browse websites warning of security troubles if a site has a problem for the user.  McAfee's SiteAdvisor also has a green, yellow, red system for indicating sites that you've located with a search tool such as Google.

What I particularly like is that the tool has the ability to judge whether I've logged into my bank's website or a look-alike, phished website instead.  It's one more way to help make browsing safer.

2.    I.C.E. for your Cell Phone
Started in the UK by Simon Weston, the goal of this project is to have everyone with a cell phone, insert a contact labelled I C E or ICE.

This contact should include the name of the person who should be contacted in an emergency situation along with their telephone number.

For more than one item of information such as allergy or medication alerts, use ICE1, ICE2, ICE3, etc. to detail the situation.   Using I.C.E. on your cell phone could save your life!

3.    The gethumanTM database (website)
gethuman database has "solved" the problem of navigating the awful, outrageous phone trees at various companies desperately hoping to talk to real person.  ("Press 1 for English, press 2 for ...")  The extensive list of "respectable" companies who have automated their phone trees to hide real people is truly shocking.

The gethuman movement was begun by Paul English as a response to his experiences trying to resolve issues with various companies.  As a way to "get even," Paul started his database of phone techniques to reach real people at numerous companies in the U.S.  His idea has now spread to other countries.  Read all about Paul's work and how to solve your phone tree problems.  Three Cheers for Paul!

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