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Vol. 2004d

Welcome to this edition of The MadMod Computing Newsletter.   We hope that you enjoy the features of each issue and learn some computing skills along the way.

First, a reminder to make backups of your important files, and to use Disk Defragmenter--at least monthly.  Second, keep your anti-virus software up-to-date.  Last, obtain all the critical Windows updates.

Featured in This Issue
1.     The Firefox Browser
2.     Fighting Adware
3. (website)

1.    The Firefox Browser is the place to visit to download the recently-released Firefox 1.0 web browser.  As an alternative to Microsoft's Internet Explorer, it offers speed, multiple tabbing, popup blocking and more.  For now, it's in a more secure setting--visiting websites while avoiding the possible problems and risks that Active-X helper applications pose in the Windows environment.  Perhaps this new browser will prompt Microsoft to release an updated version of its Internet Explorer.

Firefox 1.0 also has a neat update feature that works quickly and efficiently to update the product when discovered bugs are fixed.  In this crazy Internet environment with its viruses and malware, security improvements can quickly be made to this product.  Not bad for a free product!  Give it a try.

2.    Fighting Adware
In the June 2003 newsletter I featured Ad-Aware 6.0 from Lavasoft is a useful product to remove adware.  The product has now been replaced by Ad-Aware SE Personal edition which can be obtained from Lavasoft.  This version is faster, more able to remove troublesome adware and targets even the browser cache for troublesome webpages that are stored on your computer.  A free version of the product is available, but to get all the features, you'll need to purchase a subscription.

As an aside, the browser cache keeps webpages you've visited so that if you return to the site, your computer may fetch the cached (archived) copy to save loading time.  (If the page is too old, click on the refresh button at the top of the page.)

3. (website) is a website "- where you can design, price, and order your custom parts online!"  The company begins by allowing a free download of a computer-aided-design (CAD) program along with tutorials of it's use.  Then you design the part you need.  When your design is done, it's then sent to the company for an engineering evaluation and bids from possible fabricators.  Prices for single or multiple copies of the object will be then sent back for your approval.  If you decide to accept a bid, the details of manufacture and shipping are then worked out.  It's truly amazing that objects can be designed by anyone with little or no experience in the manufacture of the item.

Investigate at some of the objects that customers have made by clicking on the "Examples" link.  I think you'll be impressed.

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